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  • “Authorship and Collaboration in New Music,” in proceedings of the conference “Wessen Klänge?” (Paul Sacher Foundation, Basel), ed. Matthias Kassel (2016).
  • “Schubert’s ‘New Style’ and the Legacy of Beethoven,” in Rethinking Schubert, ed. Lorraine Byrne Bodley and Julian Horton (Oxford University Press, 2016).

Other Recent Essays

  • “Beethoven and Napoleon: A Reassessment,” in Beethoven und der Wiener Kongress (1814/15), ed. Bernhard R. Appel, Joanna Cobb Biermann, William Kinderman, and Julia Ronge (Bonn: Beethoven-Haus, 2016), 23-46.
  • “Music Scholarship and Politics in Munich, 1918-1945,” in This Thing Called Music: Essays in Honor of Bruno Nettl, ed. Victoria Levine and Philip Bohlman (Scarecrow Press, 2015), 102-12.
  • “Capricious Play: Veiled Cyclic Relations in Brahms’s Ballades op. 10 and Fantasies op. 116,” in Festschrift for Roger Kamien, ed. Yosef Goldenberg and David Beach (University of Rochester Press, 2015), 115-31.
  • “Schiller’s ‘Play Drive’ in Beethoven’s Creative Process,” in Genèse Musicales: Méthodes et Enjeux, ed. Nicolas Donin, Amuth Grésillon, and Jean-Louis Lebrave (Paris, 2015), 131-44.
  • “‘Der Verrückte, die Verliebte, die Priesterin’: Beethovens Widmungen (und Nicht-Widmungen) an Musiker aus seinem Bekanntenkreis,” in Widmungen bei Haydn und Beethoven: Personen—Strategien—Praktiken, ed. Bernhard Appel and Armin Raab (Beethoven-Haus, 2015), 287-306.